Gameplay is pathetic

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Year after year EA produces the same game rehashed with a new number on the front. 2015 you brought this pace pace pace style of gameplay to the game. Yes every year you claim to have improved the passing. Well you don't, you make it feel like you have but the reality is the speed, the defensive mindset you have instilled in people to simply sit back and through ball it forward is now the only style of play anyone plays. Pace is absolute king on your games and it has not changed in 8 years now.

Every player in fut is practically discard if they don't have pace because try using him to play against someone who has all the 'meta' players in their team.
In FUT you have broken that by flooding the market with so much op trash cards that playing against someone who has 8 toty players and 12 icons is just not fun. It is only just turning February and you've got everyone with absolute god squads.
I'd go back to seasons but you've managed to break that as well!
Pick a 4 star team with restrictive match making settings and you cannot get a game, turn it off and you'll get paired against... You guessed it PSG! really fair game.
Maybe instead of focusing so much on all your animations and trying to satisfy the demand of every kid to be the next Messi and Ronaldo you could actually engage with people who know football and understand the different approaches to the game and allow that to become useful in a match situation again. Rant over.


  • Renamed080327042020
    26 posts Last Pick at the Park
    The games broke. You can penalized for being better so it evens the game out its a joke.
  • Crackups
    9 posts Ball Boy
    Is it too much to ask for a fair game?
  • Plav
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    I find the community worse than the gameplay tbf, every match is nothing more than spamming kickoff glitches, and drop back auto blocks, not much entertainment
  • Aymetti
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    I'm talking about how embarrassing a football game can be. I'm ending 10 years of torture. ea can't really do this job anymore, get your hand off football. You've really ruined the game for the last 5 years. You arrange transfers, add 15 tracks of music and continue to sell to people. It's the same thing as throwing money away. It's whatever you want. You ruined the beautiful game with momentum.
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