Spina Vs Theo

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Need to upgrade at LB/LM.

I ay 3421, so will be moved to LM. Having used and lived Spinazola for a while, do I go back to him for 200k or pick up SIF Theo for 260k?
Happy to go down the icon route too.

If it wasn't for the WW pack on the horizon I'd not even think about it and go for Spina.
Is the WW pack dropping soon?


  • Chet
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    Entirely up to you, personally, even if players like Spinazzola/TOTY Cancelo have a 5* WF the way the game is coded the player still has a tendency to favour their preferred foot. I like the full backs to have the same foot as their position to open up the pitch, but again that’s preference.

    In terms of price dropping, with the leaks and promos being so frequent, there isn’t really a safe position/card anymore, just use what you like and enjoy!
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