Saved Jumbo Rare Players Pack bugged?

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I had 3× Jumbo Rare players packs saved in my club that I'd been waiting to open when all of TOTY was out.

There are 24 gold rare players in each pack, and each pack promises at least 1 player 84+ according to the pack description on the saved packs.
However, in each of the three packs, I have had exactly one 84 rated player, and every other player is rated 83 or under. In those three packs I received nothing higher than an 84 rated player.

However, on the store you can purchase the same pack and the odds are shown as:
100% 82+ player (obviously since you are guaranteed an 84 rated player)
5.5% 90+ player
35% Totw player
1.3% Toty player
9.4% Toty honourable mentions player

To me it feels like the saved (untradeable) jumbo rare players packs are bugged, and are actually limited to a maximum of one 84 rated player on each, rather than the chance of getting any more or anything higher.

Has others experienced this too with these specific packs or have I just had unbelievably terrible luck in getting the absolute bare minimum and worst possible in each and every one of those three packs I've opened?

It definitely feels suspiciously rigged 🤔


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