Which is better box2box cm, Toty Cancelo or Jorginho?

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Assuming I can positionswitch Cancelo as cm with 10chem, who will be better?


  • 4dvz wrote: »
    Assuming I can positionswitch Cancelo as cm with 10chem, who will be better?

    I don't use him as a CM, i use him as a LWB, but Cancelo is one of the best cards i've ever used in Ultimate Team. I see no reason why he wouldn't work as a CM, he has everything, his longshots are outrageous.
  • Qon
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    I play Cancelo as the RCM on Balanced. He is literally everywhere. Also scored a few goals already in fut champs
  • RappSnitch
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    I haven't used Jorginho but I really can't imagine him being better than Cancelo. This Cancelo card is out of this world.
  • Felici_123
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    Cancelo is awesome.
    Haven’t played Jorghino but saw some reviews where most didn’t like his Med/Med Workrates
  • Sengzyy
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    I had Jorginho and although he is good you really do notice his workrates, was constantly forcing to trigger runs so was forced to use get forward but that also leaves your midfield open for quick counter attacks
  • ozcs_69
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    jorginiho for me
  • 4dvz
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    I ended up buying Cancelo. Played him as get forward cm in 442 and so far he has been a gamechanger there.
  • Thefranchise92
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    Thinking of using cancelo upfront with prime butra and jorginho and hakimi as outside mids
  • Alano0031
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    Haven't used Cancelo but am using Jorginho at CM in 442 with a get forward instruction and he plays more like he has high high workrates. I'm really liking him so far and would highly recommend him to everyone.
  • sisyphus
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    I have played Jorginho and Cancelo together over the course of ~20 games.

    I started off playing Cancelo at LB/LWB, but found him to not be as impactful as I would have liked. I then moved him to playing alongside Jorginho as my two primary center mids.

    Cancelo was good, but I just wasn’t as impressed as everyone else seems to be. I was a bit surprised by this since I have used different versions of Cancelo at RB/LB almost the entire season. I just found him missing a lot compared to Jorginho, but it really could be down to just play style (I play a very gritty, slow, possession style most of the time — occasionally playing faster when necessary).

    So from my experience I found Jorginho to be much better, but I would be open to trying Cancelo again — he just wasn’t quite as good for me.

    EDIT: I will add that I experimented with chem styles too. I’m liking Jorginho with Hawk. I tried Anchor too, but he feels a little better making runs forward from the deeper midfield. Cancelo was a bit of a better defender, but it felt like I was having to work harder to get him forward, whereas I didn’t have that issue with Jorginho.
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