And the servers have gone Wtf 🤦

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Billion pound company and they can't provide stable servers


  • Retro1989
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    It's not just EA, something just crashed everything.
  • SteveLUFC
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    kicked me off 2 WL games in a row, thought it was just a error first game, FML
  • Hocus_pocus
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    I was in a great match very even and it just kicked me out got a DNF and hadn't even done anything neither had my opponent
  • SuperJames9005
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    edited January 29
    I skipped WL last week and also will skip this week's WL. Ofc, by saying skipping, I am doing sth. like golden goal. Can't skip the packs for TOTY.

    Servers are not tolerable in my area. Last week, it took me 3 hours to consistently connect to the menu alone :D Most of the games are like playing in the mud.
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