Most toxic thing ever

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This has to be the most toxic community there is out there..if this is you can you explain to me why you do this

In fut champs either qualifying or full weekend league mode…game loads up and you can tell by the team on the loading screen etc but anyways you go into the game and either just quit at 0-0 or take kick off give it to your goalie and deliberately kick the ball over the ball to be wide then leave ?

Your getting the lose regardless so why are you being toxic ?

If your going to reply it’s my game I can choose what I want to do with it then just to respond in this topic thanks.


  • Hoopsterz
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    Any games that is a 1v1 in the same way Fifa is will always be toxic.

    Too many people are pushovers in real life and then express any aggression etc they feel online. The amount of people who have completely different personalities online than they do in real life is incredible.. i mean i know a lot of people that i don't follow online but are good mates of mine in real life.
  • DR1
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    True, really pathetic
  • kdirt
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    I’ve done this before as a LOL but then gave wins out the rest of the way. Please forgive me oh Fifa community!
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