TOTY Jorginho Review

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I really like Jorginho and was quite excited about this card. I tried to pack, but couldn’t find my luck, and then I just got impatient and bought it off the market — at 1.6mm it seemed like a decent price, and I figured I could sell it back if I didn’t like him.

So far he has been absolutely immense. Much better than I expected. He can do anything and everything.

(I will note, like anyone else, in laggy gameplay he won’t feel very good. So be sure to give him a fair shot and play plenty of games with him if you are lucky enough to pack him!)

So far through 25 games—most of which were WL and Playoffs, so good competition—he has 16G/8A, so ~1 goal contribution per game.

I’m playing at the expected position: a deep-lying playmaker from the midfield, so usually a CDM/CM, but I honestly think you could play him higher if you wanted to.

I also currently have Hawk on him. This is not what I would have chosen, but it’s the chem style he had when I bought him, so I left it on to try and it’s been great. Soon I will switch to Anchor to see the difference (what I would have chosen originally).

PACE: 9.5/10

He obviously isn’t going to be as fast as the premier speedsters in the game, but he’s plenty fast. He sort of glides by people, and because of his body type and perception, he seems to run faster than it looks like he’s running, providing an interesting deceptive advantage. This makes it easy to catch your opponent off-guard.


I have scored in about every different way you can imagine. I have scored a volley, several long shots (straight on and finesse), a header, a couple chips, etc. He’s really the perfect player for my style because of how much I depend on late runs from my mids in my build up play.

PASSING: 10/10

Couldn’t be much better. He provides that extra few milliseconds of time for the player receiving the pass and finds players that even slightly worse players might miss.


Honestly not his best attribute, but not of any concern either. He keeps control and rarely turns it over; he may just not be as agile as some want.


Great with interceptions and seems to rarely miss tackles. Doesn’t have the “dives in” trait, but still takes that action quite a bit and recovers very fast. Could be better with anchor but I’ve yet to try it.


Big enough to hold off most if you need. The worst part about this card though is probably quality in the air. He’s fine, and I have scored a header, but it’s definitely not his strong suit. He has gotten quite tired for me playing in the middle of a 442 but I’m running him constantly and haven’t needed to sub him out.

Overall 10/10 and unquestionably the best player I’ve used this year. That shouldn’t be surprising, but you just really never know when it comes to some of these cards.

For anyone worried about the M/M rates, I wouldn’t. I will say that I do trigger most of my runs as I like to maintain tight control over my offense, but even still he shows up everywhere I need him to be. The 4*/4* isn’t huge for me—I’m not a big skiller and while his weak foot could be better, I really only remember one shot from the weak side that I think should have been finished.

All things considered, the fact that this card is providing me a goal per game essentially from the deep midfield, as well as providing defensive cover across the entire field, I really couldn’t have asked for more. I would imagine his price will drop since it’s Jorginho, but even at this current price I think he’s 100% worth it, maybe more.


  • Leandrinho28
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    Great review! Would like him for my serie a team!
  • klaas9
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    Highly agree on this. He is ridiculously cheap also for TOTY.
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    I packed him untradable and have been using him in my serie a team .
    To be honest I would have been a bit disappointed if I had spent 1.4 mill on him as I can’t seem to get him to do much at the moment.
    Maybe I’m just trying to force him to do to much.
    I find my HL barella is a absolute beast ,so maybe he is just not my type of player.
    I have anchor on him so might give hawk ago.
    Hopefully he comes good.
  • Torminator
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    I played 2 games with him and to be honest he is not that impressive from CM with get Forward instructions. That said, the formation is set up around my wingers who are dominating. As a defensive mid he is completely dominated by Ww Guendouzi who is just a lot more aggressive. I guess this is in line with you comparison with Barella, who is also very aggressive.

    I guess the conclusion for me is. He is not agile enough to play higher up the pitch. And he is not aggressive enough to play as a holding mid (when compared to guendouzi and barella) so i just dont know what to make of him.

  • sisyphus
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    A few thoughts —
    • Two games is not nearly enough time to evaluate a player. Too many variables can lean wildly one way or another, enough so that even the best of my players can seem useless in the right conditions.
    • If your team is setup to send through balls down the wings, or fast build by getting the ball to the center ST or CAM as soon as possible, then a deep playmaker / holding midfielder probably won't contribute to your team much, since you're essentially bypassing that position completely. If you play like this, your deep mids are essentially just smaller defenders, and a player like Jorginho will be wasted, certainly.
    • A common criticism of this card (along with some other mids) is the M/M work rate, which I mentioned briefly in the OP. Alongside of the point I made directly above, if you're not actively controlling most of your players on defense and not sending them on runs and bringing them for support on offense, the M/M might affect your game more than it would mine. So if #2 and #3 both apply to you, I can see why this card would be unimpressive, since he's rarely on the ball.

    Overall, I think I understand why both of you are somewhat unimpressed with the card, although I do think you should certainly give it more than a handful of games. Regardless, if you're a big-time skiller, play for quick shots with fast-builds through the center or down the wings, you probably won't like this card.
  • Jordonp
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    I’ve played over 10 games with him and now moved him to the CAM spot.

    He’s just too good for this stage of the game.

    Just completely dominates the pitch in every department bar defending.

    I said recently that Modric has better passing than Xavi. And now I’ll say that Jorginho clearly has better passing than both and it’s not just the accuracy of the passing, it’s the speed at which he does it. He also has animations which look unique to me.

    Pace wise he’s extremely fast. I mean comparable to Vini and Mbappe fast.

    Tips for the card: I recommend boosting his strength and also this is a card where agile dribbling works really well so you’ll want to use that rather than solely left stick.

  • Real_TUTU
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    Prediction of he’s price? Will it go up or down
  • sisyphus
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    @Jordonp — What chem style are you using? Just curious since you mentioned strength. As I said above, my initial intuition was to use Anchor, but he just came with Hawk and it's worked out well so far. I guess both of those get strength boots (although one of them is an extra +5, can't remember which).
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    @sisyphus thanks for the reply.
    I don’t skill and try to manual defend with I passing game style.(proper footy😆).
    Don’t get me wrong he is ok but for a 97 rated player I thought he would stand head and shoulders over Barella who as I said before is ridiculously good.
    Time will tell as he will be staying in the team until the end.
  • Bags
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    Real_TUTU wrote: »
    Prediction of he’s price? Will it go up or down

    i imagine a sizable percentage of people are saving packs for friday. Would expect all TOTY to be at their lowest at the weekend. May increase after that though for a month
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