Do i buy neymar or get POTM sterling

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As above can only afford one of them both would fit fine Chem wise. Is neymar 5 star weak foot a game changer over sterling?
I'm drawn more towards neymar but if people tell me sterling is better then happy to do him

Any reviews on both appreciated


  • Lackosweat
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    Sterling is the better winger than Neymar. 1st owner is always nicer btw.
  • 4dvz
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    Depends on where you play him. Sterling as winger, any central position Neymar 100% (even lf / rf)
  • Furrag85
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    WW Sterling > POTM Sterling.

    4* WF.
    Left foot for spice.
    Good finishing and better composure
  • Hocus_pocus
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    Any reviews for POTM sterling 🤷‍♂️ anyone done him
  • JohnShelby
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    I wanted to buy him Yesterday on a dip for 400k but couldnt log in .. when i got in do to servers he was already 450
  • YidArmy
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    Any reviews for POTM sterling 🤷‍♂️ anyone done him


    Sterling is fantastic. I'm a long time Sterling user and always love his cards anyway, but when they get juiced they are even more fun. There aren't many cards in the game that can accelerate as fast as this card does. His dribbling and sharp turns are among the best. He clearly has the weakness of the 3 star weak foot which does let you down on passes at times. The stamina boost on this one is very beneficial as he now feels like he can be explosive all through the game.

    Do you like Sterling's cards normally? If you don't then this one won't all of a sudden change your mind. But if you like to dribble and weave past people and can accept the 3 star weak foot, he's as good a wide player you can get.
  • Hocus_pocus
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    Bought his gold to try doesn't feel anything special to me but I'm not a skiller etc really so maybe neymar a better choice
  • dynamosheva1
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    I just finished wl with potm Sterling , he’s what you expect super fast , dribbling good , passing good so natural wing player he is op for cutting in . He’s shot is surprising very terrible which is crazy for 86 shot should be a lot better . I even put a hunter chem for shooting doesn’t help maybe I’m using the wrong chem style

    You need strong LB to support him
  • R1ckyDaMan19
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    I'm saving to do this before it ends, his nif is awesome compared to ziyech I have on the right.
  • Kaptentegel
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    Buy Neymar first and try him and if you dont like him just sell and get Sterling.
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