Does ea patching the game really affect your wins

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Before it got patched I got beat and I won after every patch same outcome, I'm not really seeing any patches drastically changing my win/loss ratio.


  • DafuqJustHappen
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    For me, it felt like I won more matches than I lost in Elite Division after the patch, than before. But that's because I was playing with the competitive switch the way it was meant to be from the start. I'm sure in time people will get used to that, so my w/l ration will probably plunge again...
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Nope, I can't feel any difference. Patches don't change things drastically enough to affect people's win/loss ratio unless it's to totally nerf something people spam all game long liked the ridiculously overpowered timed longshots at the start of FIFA couple of editions ago.

    Connection is main thing that matters in terms of wins. Followed by skill then luck.
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