Ping champs

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I’m getting 1564467 ping in champs but 16 in rivals ?


  • ImAtrocious
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    Seems high. I dropped connection in the middle of a game last night and then all of a sudden kept getting NAT Type "failed." I had to go in and set a static IP, open my ports, and switch to the google DNS before being able to get in and play again (all well beyond my tech level, but google is a blessing).

    Anyway, just saying that connection issues are routinely the most consistent thing in the game.
  • Donny_anton1
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    But in div rivals mate it’s full green and 16 ping ?
  • Wilberforceftw
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    Just play its normal in game
  • Dutch3723
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    Guessing just visual - I've been playing friendlies for the Sarr obj and it goes from full green bar 16 ping to red 1 bar 64035854 ping.... but it's fine in game.
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