Mbappe's best position

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His finishing seems inconsistent. People say play him out wide, but I assume they mean RW\RF. Would he work as a LCAM or RCAM in a 4222 or 4231?


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    Prime winger
  • DR1
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    Yeah he works fine as a LCAM/RCAM as well
  • Sengzyy
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    If you are playing a 2 striker formation make sure you are playing him as RS. I've found his finishing at LS (especially with his left foot) inconsistent. Soon as I moved him to RS he has barely missed as his across goal shots are amazing.

    Winger he would do really well tbf with his pace, dribbling and 5* skill moves. Passing could be better so may be worth looking to change chem style. A bit wasted out wide if he is your only 1 big buy in your squad IMO.
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    I'll 2nd this, his RS across the goal shots are great.
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    I find his finishing to be great but not good enough to replace CR7 which is why I use my Mbappé as LCAM.
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