Rooney or the Icon PP?

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Not sure if I should roll the dice or play it safe.

Has anyone else gone for icon base/mid/prime PP? If so have the picks been decent?


  • Jackwc
    2305 posts Fans' Favourite
    If your prepared for major disappointment then go for it.
  • Dead_Dave
    1918 posts Play-Off Hero
    I would go for Wayne, I regret wasting the first round tokens, I can only get ten for the mid icon nakata generator now.
  • Royboy
    1115 posts Professional
    I’m going for it. Don’t need Rooney in my team.
  • joehuk
    7070 posts Big Money Move
    I'd stay clear of the PP looks dreadful.

    What else could you get along side 89+ mid.

    If I was doing swaps 89+ mid is one I'd go for.
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