Fix DC glich

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Rivals and WL is unplayable... i had to play 30 games of wl just to finish this garbage mode to potentionaly get some coins to invest in my team and every other player is using DC glitch...

Also I got connected to someone who played legendary lvl of AI instead of himself. (i did not see any arrow on top of a player and he did not press me when i was passing in my defense)... result was DC glitch in 85' min. And ofc its EA i did not get a win. Classic.

Now im playing DR and players is DC glitching after i went 1:0 up...

Fix this garbage... like its not that this game is garbage by itself... now we have to deal with cheaters in wl and dr too?

You have to get us preview pack of EVERY damn pack you want to sell us. Otherwise is gambling. Yust sayin. Cant wait until someone figure that out and EA is gonna lose all licenses.
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