Does Chemistry Actually Matter In FIFA 22?

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"In a game which is far from perfect, should you really try to build a perfect team?" - BIPN 2021.

That was the question I had in mind before I embarked in this quest. Before you get your hopes up, obviously it is not possible to play with a full dead link team but can you have certain players with red links and still be able to perform well?

For this experiment, I was going to test out 2 main positions that I feel are good for such tests and they were ST and GK. For the striker I was going to collect the following stats : GP (Games Played), Shots/Shots on target, xG, Outside box shots/ on target, Goals, Average rating and for my Goalkeeper the stats I was collecting were : Saves vs SOT faced, Goals conceded and the most important metric of them all, the save success rate. The save success rate was the most important metric in my opinion for the keeper test as 10 Chemistry Pope may have faced more shots but the percentage he has saved can provide a good comparison to the save success rate of 3 chemistry Pope.

Video containing all this information in detail can be found here

My hypothesis before the test started was that chemistry was required in FIFA and without chemistry, team and individual, players would not perform well at all.

Was my hypothesis wrong? We shall find out!

So for my goalkeeper test, I tested Pope on 10 chemistry first and across 5 games played in Division 2 rivals.

NOTE : I lost these games on purpose as I wanted to maximise the amount of shots Pope faced.

Stats of Pope on 10 Chemistry across 5 Division 2 Rivals matches :

- 54 Saves of 91 Shots on target faced
- 37 Goals Conceded
- 59% Save Success Rate
- 40% Opponent Goal Conversion Rate vs 10 Chemistry Pope.
Now that I had the results for 10 Chemistry Pope, It was time to test out the 3 Chemistry Pope. I didn't expect this one to do well but here were the stats across 5 games.

Stats of Pope on 3 Chemistry across 5 Division 2 Rivals matches :

- 17 Saves of 45 Shots on target faced
- 28 Goals Conceded
- 37.75 Save Success Rate
- 62% Opponent Goal Conversion Rate vs 3 Chemistry Pope.
So from this test, It was clearly evident that the 10 chemistry Pope outperformed the 3 chemistry test subject and from this conclusion you would probably start thinking and realising the importance of Chemistry.

But what if I was to tell you, that with outfield players, the test becomes very intruiging.
Now it was time to move on to my striker test subject, the ratty yet clinical Ben Yedder.

This is where things got interesting in my quest to find the answer of whether Chemistry does actually matter or not.
I started the test off with the 10 chemistry Ben Yedder to set a benchmark for the other test subject.

Stats of Ben Yedder on 10 Chemistry across 5 Division 2 Rivals matches :

- 49 shots with 34 on target - 69.38% shot accuracy
- Average xG of 3.56 across 5 games.
- 16 goals of 34 shots on target - 47% conversion rate.
- Average Rating of 9.4 across 5 games.
- Perfect 10.0 rating in 3 out of 5 games.
Now, these stats are pretty impressive considering this was Division 2.
Now brace yourselves for the stats of Ben Yedder on 3 Chemistry across 5 games in the same division :

Stats of Ben Yedder on 3 Chemistry across 5 Division 2 Rivals matches :

49 shots with 34 on target - 69.38% accuracy (purely coincidental, I did not mean for this to happen)
Average xG of 3.54 across 5 games
19 goals of 34 shots on target - 56% conversion rate
Average Rating of 9.78 across 5 games.
Perfect 10.0 rating in 4 of 5 games.

This honestly surprised me especially after the goalkeeper test, I thought this was going to follow the same route but to my surprise, the 3 chem Yedder almost outperformed the 10 chem ben yedder. Whilst there are still some aspects to the 3 chem Yedder which suggests that the lack of chemistry has affected aspects such as his passing, we can see it didn’t affect his output that much.

So in conclusion, to answer the question of Does Chemistry Actually Matter. Yes it does matter but you can use a player here and there, preferably forwards and they won’t perform as utter garbage as they will only lose 1-2 stats across the board if you have a 100 chemistry team around them.

Hope this has helped you guys out!

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