Every keeper I use is terrible

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I've tried so many keepers this year, tried lots of high rated ones, the "OP" ones, yet they all seem absolutely hopeless. Almost every single shot on me goes in, I concede such a high amount of questionable goals. The only time I find my keeper starts to make decent saves is when I'm already being beaten comfortably and the game is already out of reach. Surely I can't be the only one who is having a terrible time with the goalkeepers in this game?


  • Jackwc
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    Mateeee. 94 Yashin. Used him in draft and I’ve never seen a GK like it
  • CC84COV
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    Ter Stegen numbers up been insane for me
  • Hocus_pocus
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    I had donnarumma for a long time and he's just trash now I think keepers have been nerfed so cashed in and just stuck Areola in net he's actually been better than donnarumma for the few matches I've used him
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