Felipe Anderson🤔

100 posts Has Potential To Be Special
Is this Felipe Anderson card worth getting?
Is he Cracked or Crocked?


  • Jrutts
    838 posts Professional
    He’s great well worth getting can even play as going forward CM with the decent interception and tackle stats
  • BusySasquatch
    51 posts Park Captain
    I've only played 5/6 games with him but in WL qualifiers, he was ok didn't like him much as a winger in a 433 but I'm sure he'd be ok at LM in a 442 of LAM is a 4231. He was actually best for me as a progressive CM in the 433 felt strong and made some nice direct runs, I think if he gets an upgrade he'd be a card you'd regret not having.
  • https://shrinke.me/fMTad
    Good Fifa video
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