Ginola worth the coins?

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Is Ginola worth the coins? currently around 900k on xbox. I made some coins in this wl and think that I can sell Martial and bring in Ginola instead but I really like Martial and just wondering if Ginola still stands up compared to the new juiced up cards that EA realises every promo?


  • Leandrinho28
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    I really like him! First wl with him and won me many games!
  • xCDHx
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    Ginola is pretty good. The ball sticks to him when he is tackled.

    His shooting seems ok but not a 5 star WF

    He is better than IF Neymar.
  • graff26lfc
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  • Stewie26
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    He’s unreal. Wins so many games for me. His shooting on Either foot is brilliant
  • DutchDelight
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    Not saying he's bad in any way. But after pulling him from the preorder hero pack I just can't get him to work. He scores plenty of goals, but I also find him hard to dribble with. Loses the ball a lot. I much prefer the more nimble players that can twist and turn.

    TLDR: he's good, but he has to fit your playstyle.
  • Kaptentegel
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    Thanks. I like the more physical type of striker so I think Ginola will suit my playstyle. I really like Martial too so its a tough choice but I think I will go for Ginola.
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