2-0 leads constantly clawed back.

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This has been happening for years now but in Fifa 22 its the worst its even been by far.

Im bored of getting a 2-0 lead before the 20th min against a clearly weaker opponent only for the game to get so much harder to score the 3rd and 9/10 times the 2-0 lead will be cut in half with some bs goal that comes from 6 tackles bouncing back to your opponent.
Time, time and time again I go 2-0 very early in the game, I then can have another 10 shots and not score, my opponent gets 1 lucky goal and then I score again with my next attack 3-1.
Why does my opponent have to close the gap to 1 before I can score again.

“Its in the game”

You can sense when you get 2-0 and the opponents AI suddenly play like gods and start blocking everything.
You get the ball with your RB, you press R1 to make your RM come short for the ball, you check the radar and make sure the pass is open, you press X, by the time the animation is complete the AI has magically stepped infront of your RM 😂
You need to win 6 tackles before retaining possession, somehow to keeper catch everything in the area but all of a sudden they constantly doing the punch animation.
Your players who you've manually placed in passing lanes lets the ball go right past them.
Your opponent couldn't get out their own half because they don't know how to built up play but once they are 2-0 down they can go from CB to ST with one pass or just smash a through ball down the wing that will bend perfectly round your full back whos in the passing lane.

Ive even tried keeping possession however when you have a 2-0 lead good luck trying to complete 5 basic passes without one going nowhere near where you are aiming.

Look at the tackles stat at the end of the game.
You could play an opponent who makes 30 tackles and wins 8 of them and you get 1 foul the whole match.
So my opponent can go a match mistiming 21 tackles and I get 1 foul ? Makes no sense.

I am top 100 in seasons and I play any for a top Div1 club. The amount of leads you lose to poor players in this game is a joke.


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    100% accurate and if you do manage to get that 3rd by some mistake in the game, then all barriers are down and the game goes back to normal where you can then hit 5 or 6 assuming they don't quit
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    I don't panic if 3 down as know the game will turn in my favour and I'll have a chance of comping back
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