When to buy/sell expensive players

Hello! This is not a questions of any sort. Its just a thread that I can update whenever a purchase an expensive player.

Since I could litterally be the worst trader in FIFA universe, the players I buy always go down, and the players I sell will always go up. For example I bought Ibra for 2.9, sold him for 2.85. Hes now hovering around 3.2?
I’ll take requests. This is not a troll thread, Im serious about this. Might aswell do something good regarding my bad luck.


  • Wonderkiid
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    There are a few golden rules, like not buying promo players when they are just released and look at price trends for icon rather then simply buying the cheapest on the market. But at the end of the day it all comes down to EA. If they decide to nuke the market like last week then no one except insiders can anticipate to it.

    Its best to just let it be. Buy players you like and if you lose coins then so be it. If you wish to keep your balance high then do some trading inbetween. You could save coins if you sell before promo's and play with cheap teams, but the games lifespan is really short.

    Oh, and you are not alone by the way. Happens to me all the time aswell.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Best time to buy fodder is usually just before/after a promo/reward day when everyone is looking to sell asap to try new cards/targeted cards

    Best time to sell is when a desirable sbc hits

    If u do daily trading,then buying in late hrs/early mornings n selling in evenings is the way to go

    Check a trading app for fair prices before buying/selling

    50-100k trading per day is very effective,,avoid getting greedy
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