Looking for top players

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Looking for a Div1 quality player to trial and hopefully be good enough to join our club long term on PS4 version of Fifa 22.

We are mainly looking for midfielders/defenders and we would ask that when playing a defensive position you stay disciplined.

Having said theres there will be opportunities to play further forward from time to time.

We always play on a Monday night 8pm (uk time) and would require you to be able to join our party chat and communicate.


  • I Play In Europe . France Based

    Level 25 Good Team player

    English Speaking

    Poistions CM RW LW

    I like to press and defend and create play

    ID KANT696969
  • Purpz
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    Hey if you didn't get much luck here, check out https://www.reddit.com/r/fifaclubs/

    The LARGEST pro clubs community out there!
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