How the hell can I have perfect gameplay for one half then it go to a delayed s*itshow seconds later

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First half 3-0 up in champs. Controlling the game. Players working perfectly. 2nd half my players can’t move. Can’t pass, can’t defend. I concede 4 in the space of 20 minutes and pull the Ethernet cable out of my playstation before I punched something.

EA You’re a joke.


  • gbshow
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    Because you touch yourself. God and EA don't like that.
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  • jhs9130
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    This has been a known issue for awhile but they never fixed it. I doubt they'll ever fix it. This game is seriously a joke
  • GitGood
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    Biggest problem with the game but that’s what they consider football..just help one opponent wins and increase the frustration and toxicity.
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Yes it's ridiculous. I can be 3-0 up and them not have a shot first half then lose 5-3 my players will freeze so badly. Sometimes it's half time, sometimes it's around minute 60. It leaves you with the most negative unjust feeling. I don't think it can be good for children's mental health - or anyone elses either!
  • Arsenalman
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    I think it could be something to do with changes in game even by your opponent. Tactics, subs,formation, I think these things can effect your team. Somehow the opposition is just able to blitz through you though
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