Tapsoba 84 V Süle 90

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84 Tapsoba has 446 also had 64 more in game stats

90 Süle has 445

How can a 84 rated player have 1 more point on a card and 64 more on in-game stats as someone in the same position that 90 rated?

EA this is absolutely stupid.


  • It's EA lad 😂😂 nothing makes sense here

    They couldn't run a bath successfully
  • Swanz05
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    Saw your other thread about Sule's OVR & I suspect you've been giving this stuff a lot of thought bro? You could argue that Sule has more important stats in the right places for a CB I guess. Or you could argue as above that it's EA & nothing makes sense.
  • Tapsoba fees amazing in game though, far better than sule for me. Can’t wait to play with him after his upgrade.
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