do you enjoy WL less this year ?

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Just looking for some opinions . Its like i qualify and then, just get my eight wins and give the rest away , I do not know, just feels a bit crap to me this year .Qualifying to me is a little bit more exciting , but when that is done it just feels not very exciting to get the eight wins . Maybe just me , maybe not feeling that engaged with the game in general is my issue this year . Anyone else ?


  • WFCBagnall
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    I enjoy it more knowing that there is no expectation of getting a certain amount of wins knowing that whatever rank you finish, the rewards on offer are crap.
  • David12344
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    Has it’s good and bad I guess. But not too fussed ether way tbh.

    Great for Rewards totw pack. Etc. And time it takes is more chilled now Like I can enjoy my weekend more.

    Bad as I kinda miss the grind and ranking system.

    Bad as qualifying is very hard and friends miss out.

  • shadowlee123
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    David12344 wrote: »
    Has it’s good and bad I guess. But not too fussed ether way tbh.

    Great for Rewards totw pack. Etc. And time it takes is more chilled now Like I can enjoy my weekend more.

    Bad as I kinda miss the grind and ranking system.

    Bad as qualifying is very hard and friends miss out.

    yes i think i liked the ranking system, but very strange i also liked the rewards on the following Thursday , the build up to what fodder i would get :)
  • Grahammbe2
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    Not really bothered just play a few rivels games etc
  • Tekkerz
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    I love it 8 wins then I can put the controller down and enjoy life
  • Startreatment505
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    It’s a weird one, I really like the pints system in champs but I find most of my WL’s to be quite easy. Easy to get 44 anyway. In previous years I was a gold champs player so never got totw packs and this year I can which is cool.

    I like getting the rewards straight away. I basically bash out my games on the Friday.

    However I do feel like there’s not much to play for. My team will get better but I’m still having an easy WL regardless. I guess I could go for 56 but I mostly can’t be arsed.
  • sneaky77
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    Doesn't matter i don't enjoy the game much no matter the mode
  • I SiR MartY I
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    Love it

    Rewarded for losing, its not life or death
  • Miigue
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    I don’t like how EA are segregating the community, everyone should be able to play the WL. I qualify each weekend and get rank 2, but we should also stand up for those who got affected by this playoff system.
  • Vaanito
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    Yeah it's better this year. I can't believe how people used to play 40 games in 3 days 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • SuperJames9005
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    Love it
  • greif44x2
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    It's more enjoyable as you can get it done within a few hours as I rarely get to play a full match and it's pretty chill.

    Some would say there's no competition, not too fussed about that as I've been an average Joe since I started playing and I just want those shiny cards and have fun in game.
  • Barry Allannnn
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    Vaanito wrote: »
    Yeah it's better this year. I can't believe how people used to play 40 games in 3 days 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Used to be 40 games in 2 days :D
  • number7rocky
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    It has it's flaws the quit at 0-0/free win meta 🤣 but overall prefer because it takes up less time and it's less stressful overall for decent rewards.

    Last two week I hit rank 1 playing all my games Sunday night in 6-7 hours with a few breaks in between. People also quit way easier.

    30 games was way more of a chore plus people quit less because of the 400 rival points

  • joshyw
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    I do prefer the current set up, it’s easier, less time consuming and the rewards are better, even though i’ve not got anything. Ok maybe a little bit of the competitiveness has gone but I feel like Rivals and Qualifiers kind of make up for that.

    On the whole though even though I play quite a bit I don’t feel as hooked this year, something about it is off, feel like it could be the content which tbh has been horrendous or my pack luck which has been just as bad, playing WL every weekend and not getting anything of value 3 months into the game just puts me off
  • Yolo1234
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    I think the fact that WL is so laid back vs previous years kinda eliminates the ambition and drive to improve your team and get better at the game. There’s no anticipation, no more bragging rights with your friends, as the gifted wins make your record less credible.

    Yes, it’s a more casual experience and less games to play for decent rewards, but I think we’re less hooked on the game as a result and there’s less enjoyment.
  • TW1103
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    I can't even qualify. It's ruined the game for me
  • Wurrsmycash
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    Qualifying and 20 Games is much better than last few years.

    The whole 1 point for a loss thing needs to go...way too much gifting wins, quitting games and encouraging toxicity
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Cant even be bothered to qualify for the past few weeks, when you're in I suppose the format is better and quite care free now and can be over with in a few hours if you're lucky.

    Its just the qualifiers, I dont like feeling rushed or having to be fully focused, running into people who timewaste or attempt to annoy you, just find it 'toxic' and prefer to avoid it.
  • Robertjames86
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    I love it not good enough to qualify so I get to enjoy my weekends without worrying about cramming in 30 games of fifa for crappy red picks
  • Sctt78
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    Really like the new system as it suits me as a casual. Can play 3 nights per week and satisfy the rewards fomo with rank 2, qualification and 7 rivals wins.
  • Andyh60
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    Yep rivals and champs model so much better than before but still find it bizarre how they have put in getting a point for rage quitting rather than completing a game. Yes win win for all of us time wise and yes free win wise but love to know their thinking behind it.
  • Hocus_pocus
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    Wouldn't know as I haven't managed to qualify yet 🤦
  • d-Leon307-b
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    Even more
    It’s easier and faster
    Managed to get every week 16 wins easily
  • Springveldt
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    Definitely enjoy it more. It’s not stressful at all as the rewards have been garbage so no need to stress over a rank.

    It’s also much, much quicker with people quitting, gifting wins etc. I’ve even quit games when the connection has been bad as I know that frustrates the hell out of me, so it’s just score OG and move on.
  • dinbaba
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    Enjoying it more, less games, less sweat, easier to get better rewards and sometimes, on rare occations, gifted wins.
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    I enjoy it more... the old WL was too much for me and I almost never managed to finish it, it used to cause me lots of issues trying to fit in around work and family stuff.

    It's great now sweating the qualifiers our at my own time and then WL feels much less pressurised and easy to hit 8 and give away the rest... I know those who enjoyed the sweat of the old one will miss it but I certainly don't 🤣

    I do feel bad however for those who are struggling to compete... think there should be a different competition for those... a bit like the Europa league... lower level comp that you enter with 3 wins or something.
  • Laker62
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    I enjoy it more as I can get totw packs for once and reds right after finishing.

    A huge plus is you can decide if you want to play WL by looking at the current TOTW. Last year you went into WL without knowing the potential reds you will get. If there is a totw I am not interested in I won’t even play WL
  • BanterMarc11
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    I enjoy how you can play quite casually and use whichever players you like to achieve your rank with improved rewards but feel there’s a lack of competitive edge because of all the free wins and large gaps between ranks
  • SSL14
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    I'm enjoying it much more. Better rewards, less games over the weekend. I've got sooo much fodder from WL waiting for a big prime sbc.

    I get the qualification playoff process annoys some, but ultimately if you're good enough you'll qualify, if you aren't you won't. As simple as that...
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