Productive Rant

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Sometimes the luck goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think the game conspires against me but it sure is a frustrating experience this year. I’m playing WAY LESS than ever before. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed and hope they’re fixed soon:

Throw ins. Why is it so difficult to complete a throw in to your teammate? I use a fake throw in, move players and it all seems pointless.

Kick off goals. Hello physics! You can’t run straight down the field and score. It’s stupid!

Penalties. Your opponent knows where you’re going no matter what. Why on earth would the pen taker move their head, showing which way they’re shooting? It’s dumb

Lag compensation. I guess this is what happens to me. It’s absurd. I’m penalized for having a good connection. So many goals have been scored lately when my player is frozen, standing there for a few seconds. Seems like we could do better in the year two thousand twenty one. I’m going to go drink some beer and watch soccer now. Cheers!
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