Does anyone else think their match victories feel hollow?

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To me it seems like none of my matches are decided by who is the better player anymore.
Every result is either dictated by who isn't being screwed by the delay, lag or otherwise BS.
I'll beat people I know are better than me because they effectively cannot control their players due to delay, likewise I will lose to people who aren't that good because I'm being screwed in that match. Just seems like scoring/winning isn't worth celebrating anymore as its usually because EA are tying one of the opponents hands behind their back in one form or another.


  • Robertjames86
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    Yes your right mate I don't know how people brag about being good at this 'game' with a straight face I really don't.
  • BogusTommy
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    Yes, and it has been like this for a long time. Usually one can tell in the early minutes of the game how it will turn out. If my players move ok and go on runs I will probably win, if not I will loose. I too have concluded that when it feels smooth for me, my opponent probably deals with delay/lag/BS on their side.

    This reduces the enjoyment of the game, and I have tried quitting, but keep coming back for more BS.
  • SignpostSounder
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    Yeah, I've got to admit that I was feeling this for a little while, but over the Black Friday weekend it was bad enough that I uninstalled the game.

    Rivals seems to be a random shootout to see who is going to come out with a 6-5 win and Legendary Squad Battles lets you go 10-0 up before the opposition turns into the 1970 Brazil World Cup team to stop you from getting the clean sheet victory. It just all feels like so much bull.
  • No.

    It's pretty obvious who the better player is.
  • Wonderkiid
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    So basically you are an average 50/50 player. Is that what you are trying to say?
  • Buzzbuzz
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    Weird crap just spoils the enjoyment of the game.

    Like when I shoot and it hits the post and goes straight back to my player for a tap in...why not just let the ball go in the first place if it was programmed to be a goal?

    It just takes all enjoyment out of the goal and only seems to serve the purpose of making stress levels rise.
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