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how can this still be an issue ea?

happens every game. am i the only one?

does the solution work? havent tried it


  • SBaggio59
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    I encountered the exact same problem. But with Fifa, there are always its share of problems, like every year. This is also why I am campaigning for the Fifa game to be released every two years, and not every year. This leaves more time for developers and others to correct this kind of problem, and especially to better test the game! Normal for a company to do its business, it is still necessary to offer a reliable product.

    Updates often generate unforeseen events that spoil the game. Suffice to say that sometimes it is better not to touch anything. Especially when all the updates haven't been tested enough too, given the results.
  • SBaggio59
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    I advise against touching the system too much, it is a job that must be corrected and tested above all by professionals: Microsoft and EA.

    Sometimes, as you probably know, you also need to check for graphics card or operating system updates ...
  • HBuick
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    What’s your origin settings? For fifa
  • 确实很卡
  • 确实很卡
  • jujitzu90
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    Can somebody explain to me what's going on with EA servers man???
    I have like 1 sec delay and the thing is the ping seems to be ok jigtter too and anyway for example if i play on fut champ it's horrible like i said 1 sec delay but if play division rivals it's going much better. I tried so many thing to improve my connections , i change even the internet like 3 times trying to get best internet possible and still don't work the gameplay for me in special in fut champs it's unplayable. I really don't know what to do more, and if i dont solve this i might not buy and play anymore fifa. I leave in Copenhagen so i thing it's not a issue with my location too far from the servars.
    I'm just so disappointed 😞
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