Head to Head?

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Me and my mate enjoy getting together a couple of times a week to play some old-skool H2H FIFA games. No connection and comms issues, just like how it used to be back in the day. Anyway, we've noticed though since playing F22 how pretty much every game is now decided by a goalkeeping error or a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ up which is out of our control, it has got absolutely ridiculous. The games are almost completely out of our hands now. We can both feel when we are going to score and also when there is no chance of it. I mean what is going on here? Does EA not understand that we do not want every game to be a 4-4 theatrical circus? We just want an even, competitive and consistent few games in which the outcome is determined by a players ability or if they play well or not. Goalkeepers are usually to blame, one minute pull off super-human saves no real keeper on the planet would ever save then next minute letting it go straight through, and I mean straight through, their hands or throwing it out in completely the opposite direction and giving a goal away. Fatigue levels are a joke too, are these players on FIFA supposed to be representing real players, real players do not get so knacked after 60 minutes that they cannot pass or control the ball, just does not happen. Everytime we play these days we are left deflated because one of us will lose through no fault of our own, its as almost as if the game decides. EA, every mode on FIFA is becoming less enjoyable.
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