What’s going on ?

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So been away from game for almost 2 weeks due to busy schedule at work tried to play last night to get silver star for 2 hour I could not get a match then tried this morning before it expired and could not get a match so missed out
Are less people playing now never in my 20 plus years playing fut has it ever taken more than seconds to find a match


  • Bayaeraking408
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    So it’s only me that can’t get a game ?
  • Stewuk73
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    It was fine today for me
  • Bayaeraking408
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    Guess not the only one just read this from another player on here

    I SiR MartY II SiR MartY I
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    So I don't clog the 6pm thread up with my tears

    Something has broken since season 2 started when it comes to rivals matchmaking, going from maybe 30 seconds - 1 minute to find a game, to struggling to find 1 game a day.

    Me and my friend had been searching for an hour for a game as I type this and found nobody playing co-op, now I know the odds of finding many co op games in elite might seem tough but even co op games were easy to find last season

    But, we agreed the weekend league may be why its dead, so we decided to split, go 1v1 and just search at the same time, see if we could find anyone and just play games while chatting, or even match each other and just play a game

    We're identical in SR, identical in overall rank same % searching at the same time both with filters set to match solos only, both in the same region and it told us both no opponents could be found while we searched for like 20 minutes we are literally perfect to match up and nothing, not even games against other people

    This isn't normal and its not just happening to me, threads on Reddit are mentioning this, Twitter has complaints about it too as does EA Answers

    Both next gen and old gen are like this on both Xbox and PS5

    I'm putting it here so on the off chance somebody from EA actually sees it and passes it on because this is a joke how broken it is, I actually want to play the game and I can't.
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