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I want to know why I am matching up with players from United States, Australia and Brazil when i am in Northern Ireland

The lag is unbearable, it's no fun trying to play a game away from FUT from all the sweats only to face guys on seasons playing on lag

Someone must know something on how i can prevent this because this is just getting beyond ridiculous now. There is around 8,000 players online on seasons and i can't find one person from Europe/UK/IRE

Is there any mods on here who can actually help with this on what can be done or at least point me in the direction


  • BluenoseDave72
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    Add in Saudi Arabia and Canada there to the mix just recently
  • Brydobhoy88
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    Think its a mix between the patch and battlefield being released has caused the gameplay in the last week to be the slowest and most delayed that ive ever experience and ive played fifa since before online games existed 😂

    When there is delay and slow gameplay it takes away the skill gap as all both sides can do is slow delayed passing and its random who wins.

    I am a top 100 players and a week ago my record was 50-1-2
    Since then I am on 10-5-9
  • blue166
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    I am in the UK and constantly being paired up with players in USA, Mexico and even Colombia.

    It is soooo badly broken.
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