Baby Ballack

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Is he any good this year, or too clunky?
I play a 4231, and at cdm I currently have nif kante, and KDB.
Im undecided on KDB,, he obviously being wasted played as deep,, but I have rttf Silva at cam and that sbc fekir on the bench.
Was thinking maybe get Ballack in to partner kante.
It was between that and replacing otw sancho with joe cole,,, but think his price will fall once everyone gets their free hero card in couple weeks.


  • Redlad
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    Sell Kante and buy mid petit, he’ll either do as your lone cdm or work in a three man mid with Kdb and Bernardo silva.
  • stevotrueblue
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    Oh,, I dnt think I could bring myself to sell kante. Hes too good. Besides I might eventually build a chelsea / rangers blue connection lol. Already have otw Lukaku, Tav, Wermer, Havertz , and hoping to add Joe Cole and that Rudiger rb card,, then ash cole on the left hopefully a special ryan kent on the left soon lol.
    Ballack also has the connection.,, but maybe Gattuso too could do the hold role.
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