Hackers are geting better

My mate came on today to a message his account is already logged in to fut if just checked his transfer profit minus 300k. He don't have much in club but he has not clicked any links or anything. There finding way to hack players now ?


  • I've had bizzare things happening to my account today.
    1)Listing rare gold contracts and noticed I could list them for 15,000,000.
    2)Then I've been having players appear in my transfer targets as won bids for around discard.
    3) Some of these players have been listed onto the transfer market for 200-300 above discard price.
    4)Logged back in an hour ago and my coin total had gone from 390,000 to 46,000 coins.

    Contacted EA support and spoke for an hour or so, nobody had hacked my account and there's nothing they can do about the missing coins (no shock).

    Really confused as it felt like somebody was trading on my account, so strange. Is this the sort of thing that happened to your friend?
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