Can the rivals milestone rewards not be claimed on the companion app?

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Moved house and haven't moved the console up yet as the broadband only went in yesterday. Can I claim them on the app or does it need done on console as I'm not seeing it anywhere on the app? Can get to the console tomorrow but I'm bored and want the disappointment now 😂


  • Asht1981
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    I got mine on the companion app no problem
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Mines showing I've fut champs rewards to claim which I've only played once this year but when I click it it's doing nothing. Seeing people say they didn't get theirs tbh I'm only a casual player now anyway so if they aren't on the console think it's goodbye to this disaster of a company at last. Life has been so much better playing casually can't believe I spent years raging and ranting about a completely broken video game and shambles of a company 😂😂
  • Sgft2019
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    Not get mine at all yet
  • juliuscaesar8
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    I had to get mine on console. Some people say re booting the app made it work
  • Fozberry
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    It gave a rewards pop up with claim button this morning for me, I hit it and nothing happened, no packs.
    My rivals rewards message then appeared, I collected them and then after re entering the app the milestone rewards were in my packs with the rivals ones, no message or anything.
  • Loco_kniene
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    I also got them in the app without a notice
  • Goodgod10
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    Use 4G
  • MDR123456
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    I couldn’t
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