Fifa 22 looks like Fifa 21 after updates

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The gameplay of Fifa 22 now looks a lot like that of Fifa 21. Goalkeepers suck, shots from 20 to 30 yards from the flat of the foot are far too easy to score, defenders do not respond well or are evasive, gameplay is unpleasant. Against unfavorable on several occasions.

I don't understand why EA has implemented certain updates, which only put Fifa 22 back into the same issues as Fifa 21.

I've also seen the guys go down two levels in a new season of FUT rivals, I think that's completely absurd. This is the first time that the results allow us to come down, it's the world upside down.

I don't like this gameplay, I don't like the absurd rules imposed in FUT. Glad I didn't buy it.

After all, it's the creation of EA, if he thinks it's going like that, let them continue in that direction.


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    I liked the goalkeepers at the start, it is not normal that the balls rolled up to 30 meters or 40 meters pass so much, it is nonsense. We rarely see this kind of goal, for once there was some good, well no, EA has hit something again, it's stronger than them.

    The strong goalkeepers gave a spectacle and a certain satisfaction during a goal, there it is too easy. The guards are real wreckage now, that's ridiculous. Back to Fifa 21.

    EA is not listening, cannot do anything. :(
  • Anomanyny
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    My midfielders watch from 2 meters away while opponent dribbles and passes around my penalty box. It's so ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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    I don't understand anything about this game anymore. Updates have reduced the game to a Fifa 21 2.
  • That was always Fifa 21 v.2. The only one was updated - input delay)
  • FIFA 21 was better. In FIFA 21 you could reach your level and also go down if the leves was too high for the level of your play.
    I find ABSURD and not logical that in FIFA 22 the player cannot derank in lower division. This is frustrating for the most of the player and, in the long period, will conduce some part of the community to leave the game.
  • It is an absolute joke for anyone to think that fifa 22 is anything more than a fifa 21 roster update. EA act like people dont play this game. Its kind of telling the disconnect between reality and what EA thinks they can brainwash people into thinking. Defensive AI is identical. Same bugs same everything. Nothing has changed, yet EA will get a bunch of squares to sit on high chairs and talk about features that dont exist. Anyone who plays the game can see EA is full of complete nonsense.
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