Petition for EA to give everyone free base Pele tradeable

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As title. Yes, I know this has been discussed in countless other threads, but unless you're one of the lucky players who got the "compensation", you'd agree with me that what they did is unfair and totally unjustifiable.


  • Anadin7
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    Sticking my name down just in case.
    But yeah... Good luck with that lol
  • DIAOdiidasd99d
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    Don't feed the trolls....aka EA :D
    Just shrug it off
  • scalaneopt
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    When you send it to EA just be sure to use in the title something like "I need to spend 150000 fifa points and store is not working". That will catch their attention. :D
  • ha032742
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    Sorry not allowed petitions as per the rules of the forums.

    Please continue to post about the matter in the other threads that already exist.
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