Rb verratti best as a defensive cdm or balanced/b2b cm

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Generally use a 2 cdm set up so wondered what role he's best in so I can put the right player next to him. I'm thinking either defensive cdm next to valverde, or verratti be the b2b mid next to rb casemiro (I know some don't rate him but he is good). Cheers guys


  • MrRoadToGlory
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    He is very good and think at best at a b2b but can play very good as CDM as well
  • Craigy21
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    I’ve preferred him at CDM, seems to have really good positioning to cut out passes, really good at controlling the game as well from deep, his passing, that burst of pace and his dribbling seem to work really well.
  • rikstar
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    Just played my first few games with him today. I used him as a b2b CM next to a more defensive stay back Kessie and i gotta say, Verratti was fantastic there for me. I only played 4 games so far but he has scored 3 goals and assisted 1 or 2 as well. Defensively i don't notice anything bad with him and he was able to intercept passes and win the ball and hold onto it very well with his strength. His passing was great too, especially if you play fast build up like i do as he seems a lot quicker on the ball and extremely agile when dribbling.

    10/10 for me so far!
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  • MrMTFC
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    Looking more of a b2b mid so far then. Cheers guys
  • Boysie91
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    Just done Verratti but not used him yet. Is it a good idea to play him as a stay back CDM and Bruno as a B2B or woud they be bit too weak together?
  • abhreebhu_45
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