Looking for players EST (PS5)

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Looking to start up a club seeing Drop-ins matchmaking is broken. Usually get on around midnight Eastern Time zone if interested post here fellas.


  • Mellowout
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    Add me mellowout760
  • Muke
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    I'm down, add me DyiJ!
  • Cam/st like to pass, psn szacsky2k11
  • xDiegoJota9_
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    Established PS5 Club recruitment drive

    We are looking to recruit players full time to join our Division 1 Club on PS5, we play with a top 50 any and a top 35 striker, we play at 6:15pm gmt every night

    Looking to recruit all positions, midfield and defence for experienced players, we dont want any fill ins or hoppers just players who will commit to our club

    Message xDiegoJota9_ or dannylfcevans on psn with experience and preferred positions

    Also discord https://discord.gg/7SdzCy6TY9
  • Add me LethalEdits
  • Add me Wardyyyyyy9299 I can play LW RW ST CF CAM
  • Mate do you need a cm if do add me psnid is hellraiserst24
  • GBP_2285
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    GBP_2285 CDM CM CAM RB RWB CB Level 18
  • Mohwizzie
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    Hiya everyone, Mohwizzie FC is currently recruiting and all positions are welcome 🙏 lol, I myself play as a striker and I support Chelsea in real time and life lol. Mohwizzie FC is on division 9 atm come let's build memories together on that journey to division 1 guys lol. Pro Clubs Ps5 guys!!!! Psn Mohwizzie
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