Best CDM POTM fofana. RBKessie. RBVerratti. RTTKTonali.

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Any thoughts who would be the best CDM


In a midfield 2


  • Champs85
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    I’m also interested. Heard good things about verratti
  • ziotree
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    I can fit any of them in at full chem.

    But undecided which to do.

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    Only tried POTM Fofana, and can say he is the best cdm I have tried this year by a lot
  • john_d_efc
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    Verratti has been great for me, feels miles quicker than his stats suggest
  • futaddict79
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    Not tried the others but potm forfana is brilliant
  • joshyw
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    Got both Verratti and Fofana and I prefer Verratti by some distance
  • Hagooey
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    Was using POTM Fofana but dropped him for RB Varratti who is a much better defensive CDM, good passing and very slick on the ball.

    Fofana is more similar to a Goreztha type of player, Varratti is similar to Kante but better on the ball.
  • JohnShelby
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    Verratti is great.. using him on 7 chem
  • Jamieshore22
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    Verratti very good on the ball and dribbling is awesome. Tonali better defensively
  • Dead_Dave
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    I already have Kante and Fofana, bored I did verrati anyway, he is very good, i shoe horned him in as a rcb in a 352, a lot of my counter attacks start with him as he can bring the ball out from the back very well, very happy with him back there.
  • Loco_kniene
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    They will all be completely useless if your gameplay isn't responsive at all.

    But out of all those I prefer Veratti
  • Wolves37
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    I play Verrati and Fofana as holding mids in 4222 - both excellent, Verrati is a dog, best positioning of any player I have used so far
  • Professor
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    Verratti has been great for me. Like other have said he feels much faster then his stats suggest. He is especially amazing against high press merchants. He twists and turns with ease.
  • Furrag85
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    Anyone else surprised by Verrati? I've not used him, nor come up against him. But I was expecting Tonali to be the answer!
  • David12344
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    Furrag85 wrote: »
    Anyone else surprised by Verrati? I've not used him, nor come up against him. But I was expecting Tonali to be the answer!

    Got verrati tonight. Must admit I didn’t think he’d be my cup of tea but he’s great a real baller hound dog player.

    Can dribble out of the press which I’ve been struggling with but he’s definitely not fazed and moves away well
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    I am using Kessie, Verratti and Fofana all in the same team and Fofana is the best one.
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Verratti is great, like.. Really good.

    Others I haven't tried
  • Rickmord
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    Got fofana and verrati. Had kante,rttk tonali. Essien and most other cdms and verrati is miles clear of them all. His dribbling and passing are out of this world. Really fun as well High press merchants get left for dead
  • Since1875
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  • KiliaN64
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    Who’s the other CDM?
  • klaas9
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    verratti 👌
  • David754654
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    Verratti is immense
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