Where is the Pro Clubs update?

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Are we just talking to the wall in here?

Why is nothing being done about this mess..

Where do we report our issues with this game mode?

It's certainly not here.


  • plzea
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    Everyone gave up... EA has no answer. This is the first time in my life that such a company has ever been. So you should give up too, which will be good for your mental health.
  • GoonerB
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    I would imagine they have no news, so their policy in those cases is to not interact with topics until they do have information - if ever.

    It's the same over on the EA Answers board. Lots of topics, lots of replies from users, almost no EA response or acknowledgement.

    It doesn't generate money for them, so it's not at the top (or even close) of the agenda.

    I imagine it will get fixed eventually, but don't stress or hold your breath.

    Just use it as another very good reason to ignore the hype next year, don't purchase day 1, and wait for a sale / patches.

    I've been a sucker for the hype for almost 30 years. It's becoming increasingly painful to think I paid full price for this game and do every year, when you'll be able to pick it up in a few weeks for far less money, and it'll probably be a more stable and complete game too. Unfortunately, I could say the same for almost every release for the last 10 years.

    They will fix it eventually. But it's not important enough to do before other stuff (FUT).
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  • GoonerB
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    ... of course if you read between the lines...
    EA Phone Support direct you to forums... The forums ignore you.. You go to EA Answers, and get the same treatment.

    So I feel we have to take that as they are not too interested in us as customers, or our experience with thier product.
    It's then up to each individual to use that info how they see fit.

    I'm ranting, but I do it in the knowledge that the only people that will take notice of this is fellow users!

    I wish us all luck
  • GoonerSoldier
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    They only pay attention to FUT. Has anyone else noticed a MASSIVE DECLINE in players Online on Pro Clubs, Seasons, etc ???? It seems ppl would rather play other games.
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