Player career mode repetitive!!!!!

I can hand on my heart say that the producers of the player career mode and manger career mode are simply the worse. We pay are hard earned money to simply play repetitive modes, in player career mode apart from the cut scenes it’s the same old stuff the manager AI don’t even make sense e.g. as a player in player career mode at arsenal the manager constantly plays the same team over and over even if they are tired the manager would leave good players on the bench and would not play the strongest team possible, I’m playing at arsenal in player career the manager AI has not once used abammayang whilst I’ve played which is not real, you can not request to be subbed off no matter how tired your play is, there should be a feature where you could request tactics to the manager to suit your player, more story modes in terms of a big team is interested in you.

I also realised when you leave your team in player career you can not even see how much you were bought for, I fail to understand why is it so hard for fifa to make these little features within the game possible I hope fifa sees this post and make adjustments for future games as this is really poor.
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