SBC player pack Challenge ‘Rewards’…

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Packs used to be an added incentive to completing SBC players but the pack weight seems to have been massively nerfed…is it just my pack luck or are they garbage…? Let’s be fair, most of the players aren’t worth doing yet, so getting nothing back from packs is disappointing…


  • FUTChamp2017
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    I'm sure pack weights are pretty much what they have always been.

    Yesterday I got both Varane and Mbappe from tradeable 7,5k packs. But as you say, almost all other players are worth jack ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Packs are almost not worth opening unless you're extremely lucky.
  • EricA
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    They nerfed them last year and towards the end of fifa 20 . Prices gamers out of the more sort after cards
  • Redlad
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    I know that nothing is worth very much at the moment but it would be nice to get something over 79…😂
  • Redlad
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    …whoop…got an 83 acerbi…I’ll shut up now…
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