Anyone used morientes?

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Thinking of taking the plunge and getting morientes but the price is putting me right off


  • bjornini
    5987 posts Big Money Move
    He's a very solid striker for me.

    Not the fastest, but his shooting makes up for it.
    Very lethal in front of goal and not bad in the air as well
  • Redlad
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    Very clunky in bad gameplay (which unfortunately is most of the time)
  • Dinolsik
    37 posts Last Pick at the Park
    His shooting is great but he feels too stiff, I grabbed Robbie Keane instead, so much better
  • GC10
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    edited October 2021
    Used his loan in a few friendly objectives. Connection was poor but he felt way too clunky and sluggish. Outperformed by morales. Might be a different story in good connection
  • Thuq
    1391 posts Professional
    Used him for a week and then sold, for that price he's not worth it. Not sure if its him or the game play but some games he just does nothing. Even tho hes got high jumping & heading he doesnt even attempt going for a header .
  • Raketenbohne95
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    Gold Benzema > Morientes
  • DrWorm
    847 posts Semi-Pro
    I am eyeing him myself and wondering if he is an upgrade over vieri. i dont skill so 4* isnt a big factor.

    anyone use him who like lukaku, haaland or similar style players?
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