Looking to start or join a club

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Anybody looking to start a new club or just wanting someone who’s online a lot for a game. Add me:



  • I have sent you an invite
  • Andromeda_661
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    @Grigaaa if u don't have a club already. Invite me Andromeda_661
  • I'm looking for players if your interested rebel121483
  • [quote="Rebel1214;c-10898541"]I'm looking for players if your interested rebel121483[/quote]

    Still looking
  • Anyone looking for club?
  • Andromeda_661
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    Add me. Can join mine.
  • Looking for one add psn :Master-Mahad
  • If anyone is still looking for a club add me on ps4: ma3arek_
  • Anyone in Australia or NZ looking for a club? We're currently 12-5-5
    Looking at playing tonight (Friday the 3rd of Dec) from 8:30pm AEST.
    Looking for Wingers, CDM, Backs and GK. It would be good if your avg was over 7.5
  • Hi guys,

    We are looking for a players that can be able to play team game and enjoyable.
    - We are developing team culture and you may can contribute to.
    - Team goal is to be among the top 100 teams in the world.
    * Our team is active and playing every evening.

    We have match day in today, feel free join with discord link.
    Discord invite : https://discord.gg/g3uWcch6
  • Hey FIFA 22 Players

    We are a DIV1 / DIV 2 Team on FIFA 22 and looking for new players for our 2 teams.

    Console: PS4

    Club name: Aoska FC

    Club Channel Since 21: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGhSNxqhPIAziP6JAQ7lEA/featured

    Size of Club: 7- 12 Players BUT NOT ALL are active at all times .

    Position(s) Wanted: ALL : We need more players on the same positions.

    Region: Europe Mostly

    Trial needed?: No but we need team players. SOLOS are not welcome.

    Club style: Competitive/Casual

    Additional Info: English and French
  • Platform: (PS5)
    PSN ID: Mr_SFN89
    Region: British
    Postion(s) Played: STRIKER-CAM-WINGER
    Club Type Desired: (Just for fun etc)
    Additional Info: (Online most evenings, English Speaker players preferred)
  • xDiegoJota9_
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    how do i start a thread can anyone help there is no option
  • Looking for club 84 CAM/CM East Coast Xbox ONE @Knoxillian8906
  • You can join my club
    Psn id: burakguler10
    Team name : gala istanbul
    Age :35
  • Uk club, looking for quality players for rank up club, we play most nights and play quick poss football no mic needed.... we have started again but did own a div 1 team. Message me if you wanna join up
  • Anyone got a club i can join im tryna rank up im 92gk i dont use headset as a goalkeeper 600th in the world considering the state the games in psn is FLC_Hughesy
  • xDiegoJota9_
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    Established PS5 Club recruitment drive

    We are looking to recruit players full time to join our Division 1 Club on PS5, we play with a top 50 any and a top 35 striker, we play at 6:15pm gmt every night

    Looking to recruit all positions, midfield and defence for experienced players, we dont want any fill ins or hoppers just players who will commit to our club

    Message xDiegoJota9_ or dannylfcevans on psn with experience and preferred positions

    Also discord https://discord.gg/7SdzCy6TY9
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