Kruse Objective!

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This is a joke, right? Cmon EA, two weeks in a row where the objective card is absolute garbage.


  • DannySTFC
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    Yeah another pretty useless card but at least this one is easy unlike Andre which looked a right pain in the *****.

    The Kruse objectives are so easy if you play SB or DR during the week you’ll unlock most of it accidentally.
  • lastfifa
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    edited October 2021
    Kruse is very good for Bernardo Silva sbc.
  • Jordonp
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    All I can say is LOL
  • Irishlion_04
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    Pointless objective. They have zero interest in providing what the community wants this year. Only thing that matters to them is $.
  • Rich
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    Won't be bothering with this, I did the Andre objectives for something to do but not again.
  • Diddymow
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    Will just pick it up whilst doing Squad Battles, not like I need to go play pointless friendlies for it.
  • pes1972
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    Since pace isn´t all that matters this year card looks pretty nice in all other numbers, and it´s free
  • BayernBru
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    Am I the only happy with this? 😂

    Love Kruse's cards every year. Has an absolute wand of a left foot. Will definitely be doing this one.

    I get he's isn't a meta card, but he's simple to do. Will atleast be useful for any Bundesliga first owner objectives or to be thrown into the Silva SBC if you're doing it, as a RTTK is required there.

    And if you really don't want him, then don't and look at it as a positive that you don't have the hassle of needing to do another objective this week. I was quite happy that last week's objective card looked terrible in my eyes as meant I could skip the sweaty friendlies 🤣 people need to remember not every card released is going to be perfect for everyone.

    The quality of objective cards will improve over time and if they don't then I'll join in the moaning, but for now all is good 😁

  • Mmandras
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    4th in the group, 0 chance for upgrade?
  • lastfifa
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    Mmandras wrote: »
    4th in the group, 0 chance for upgrade?

    Thats why they selected him.
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