Does Fifa match you up with tougher opponents in Seasons the closer you get to a promotion/title?

Sorry if this has been answered before. I have noticed that I have been sitting in Division 3 for a long time and generally I get within 3 or 4 points to gain promotion to Division 2, with about 2 games to go. I then proceed to absolutely bottle it, ha! It feels to me like the opposition get a lot tougher in comparison to the first few games of the Div 3 season - Do they match you up with tougher opposition as you rack up points or am I just absolutely bottling it?



  • HaniUNC
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    I think it's just random and based on who is online. I usually get someone that within 1 division that I am in (and either division 1, 2, or even 3) when I'm in division 1.

    But they probably do give you more matchups against PSG :)
  • I’ve been in division 4 and played only division 2 players.. how’s that even fair?
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