Benzema, koulibaly or de ligt sbc worth it over their gold cards?

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Might do one of them but are any worth it over their gold cards. Cheers


  • abhreebhu_45
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    De ligt might be as he's a guaranteed+1
  • john_d_efc
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    The difference between IF Benzema and POTM Benzema is 65 in game stats.

    Similar story with Koulibaly.

    De Ligt would only be worth it because he's a live card.

    Ultimately though you're putting coins (whether its players or not) into an untradeable player
  • Jimmy89
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    De Ligt yes, would back him to get a couple of upgrades.
  • Rich
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    I've got koulibaly and De Ligt, both are great but I doubt I could recommend them being 'worth it' over their gold cards given the price of these sbcs.
  • GazW09041980
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    I did de ligt yesterday and played with him last night he is very solid and really good in the tackle wins the ball first time and can pass really pleased with him so far got me straight through div5 and into 4 ๐Ÿ‘
  • slavin77
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    De Ligt yes, would back him to get a couple of upgrades.

    max upgrade is +2 right?
  • VDog
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    Benzema is good, not much more expensive than his in form anyway. If you've got any high rated fodder to take a chunk off the price, would probably be cheaper than his 90.

    Useful for objectives too, being French and La liga
  • FlyingOkapis
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    I done Benz, he does seem a lot better than the NIF I used.
  • Torminator
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    I really like de ligt. For me much better than the gold card. Also make sure to not play him wide in 3atb
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