What, isn't it evolving anymore?

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I have a player I made who is a center striker.
Now its OVR is 84, but MAX LEVEL REACHED 25.
Isn't that evolving upwards anymore ??
Will you play until it's retired?


  • wopito
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    These stupid upgrades were not announced in advance, so I guess the game’s sales would have dropped a lot. This is a scam, a scam and everything that shouldn’t be in the game !! These tasks are easy to cheat when they are so-called "tasks". The authors get to cheat right properly !!

    Well the next game will hopefully fall because every year the game gets worse.

    I thought that 21 years of play could not be made worse, yes, but the gaming house can do it, it cannot improve, but the whole time will get worse!

    Fifa 22 is no longer any football game, children's sandbox play. Despising the right game.
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