Fifa 22 on Series S

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Want to pull the trigger on a Series S but will only be playing Fifa 22 and Forza Horizon on it and hearing lots of issues with the game on Series S. Are these problems blown out of proportion or is the game good on the Series S?


  • zed585
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    I have been playing the xbox one version on my series S because it is easier to find games and the graphics are better in my opinion. I don’t like all of the foot prints all over the pitch in the new gen version and the players appear a little more blurry. I have also played Forza Horizon and it is the same on both consoles.
  • dbslbu
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    Series S is fine for me. Played on PS the last 10 years but couldn’t get a PS5 so got a Series S until I can get a PS5. Played on both gens and old gen is much more like 21 for me.
  • The Series S version is horrible. It's like 720p upscaled. It's a blurry, bright, jagged mess. I have to play the xbox one version on my S because it looks better and doesn't give me an headache.
  • dbslbu
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    Not like that at all for me, looks great and plays great. Old gen version looks bad for me.
  • Craigy21
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    I’ve not noticed any issues on mine, looks good for me, feels a lot better than old version
  • For anyone still experiencing the blurry, resolution bug delete the game and reinstall the X/S version from the store.
    Fixed for me looks great, plays great :)
    New gen > Old gen
  • Alford95boss
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    No problems for me on the S, graphics etc are quality
  • No problems for me on the S, graphics etc are quality

    Maybe you just don't notice how bad it really is...
  • Wyojasond
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    Graphics on S were horrible for me at the start, but then I did the option on my tv to optimize or whatever and it’s been great. Looks amazing. Not sure how people are still having issues, but it does seem like more people are switching over so hopefully it’s being resolved.
  • Thinking of getting a Series S.

    Has there been an improvement in graphics since this thread was started a month ago?
  • JRGnHoff
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  • Slight improvement but still looks like dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to me. Next gen version of the game is awful anyway with the hypermotion so I'm not missing much haha
  • Xbox Series S is the cheapest way to enjoy quick menus on the old gen version of Fifa 22.

    You don't want to play the next gen version, you don't want laggy menus on xbox One so Series S it is.
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