FIFA 22 is actually working correctly now, don't touch anything EA sports!

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So I had been having lag issues since the beginning of FIFA 22. As of last night I have been able to play normal speed games with no issues. I did contact EA sports yesterday and they recommended me to restore my licenses on my PS5. Now I'm not sure if that was the issue that fixed it but it has been working normal and I was finally able to get out of Division 3 in rivals up to Division 2. I also know that an update came out today which may have something to do with it as well although as I said I started having better gameplay as of last night. Thank you for finally fixing it EA, now don't update anything that changes the gameplay.

Has anyone else had better gameplay since the update?


  • oi,eu tou tendo problemas de ping nos modos online o ping da minha net tá 6 por isso o problema não é esse como jogo no pc, devo restaurar as licenças do pc?? nem sei o que o PC faz nessa mesma situação..
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    I take back my initial comment. For some reason the game play is completely unplayable again. I had a few days of normal play and now it's back to the same old story of slow play and lag. I haven't changed anything but it magically started to lag again. Just more proof that it is the EA servers that are rubbish. Let's go EA, fix your servers already!!
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    Servers are always like this. Just play a few games and if it plays like ❤️❤️❤️❤️ then leave it and play again later. Anywhere around 6pm is always the worst when everyone is on for the content update.

    Late at night in the Euro time zones is usually the smoothest. EA are just too tight to get more servers. Probably need to triple the amount they have.
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    Sorry off topic but hoping to get a quick response.. what time is the cut off for Plato g fit champs qualification games?
  • Hedri
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    Mine is working awful. Glitchy gameplay, balle bouncing randomly, visual errors. All in FUT champions. Rivals and friendlies are working just fine. I dont understand whats up with FUt champs, sometimes it works great but lately its just horrible.

  • Hedri
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    Mine was like that but I changed to a wired connection and it fixed. Remember that you have to change this in settings to select the wired connection over the wireless one as well - it doesn't automatically connect when you plug in the Ethernet cable.
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