Skinny Arms, missing numbers and random switch from longsleeve to shortsleeve

PS5, Fifa 22

Please fix:
2nd season Manager Careermode. Some youthplayers have extremely skinny arms. If that occurs they don´t have a jersey number either. Arms get bigger when players get dressed with longsleeve, number stays disappeared though.
Another issue that is several years old and doesn´t seem to get fixed: In "Team Zentrale" you can see players dressed differently than on the pitch. Some players switch from longsleeve to shortsleeve randomly. The same error occurs with worn bracelets etc. On and off. Please fix...


  • Known issue. EA reported they are actively investigating this since Oct 1st.
  • Waes
    1 posts Ball Boy
    I noticed it are the players born in 2006 and younger who will get these skinny arms. And these skinny arms are actually the arms of the female football characters in the game (maybe this helps when looking for the problem). Also the players appear to be born in 1980 when editing the player in career, although they are 15 y/o born actually in 2006.
    Hopefully they fix this soon.
  • Braxus
    11 posts Last Pick at the Park
    With all my carrier mode seasons I build half my team with own academy players and it corrupt my joy and love of the game when 6 of your players on the field have spaghetti arms, no name or number on their back. So please fix it. The issue with the spaghetti arms was s problem in Fifa20 as well 🙄
  • Fix the damn numbers and name, skinny arms, and randomly switching clothes. FFS EA, each year there are new bugs but you don’t fix the bugs from previous titles.

    I used to buy NHL, Madden, and when you had them MLB and NBA every damn year. I’ve only bought FIFA in the last 10 years. I’m ready to move exclusively to Football Manager.
  • Braxus
    11 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Yes fix at least this problem
  • You have made Manchester Utd great in this game so I know you can work wonders, so can you please sort out the thin arms and no numbers bug please? Pretty please?
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