Thoughts from a returning user from FUT 20.

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After a major disagreement with EA regarding my account issues on FUT 20, I didn’t buy Fifa 21. I didn’t intend on buying Fifa 22 either but given how bad eFootball 22 is I’ve bought Fifa.

Having seen FUT gameplay on youtube for the PS5 gen I felt like it was going to be a big change. I play on PS4 though so straight away I’ve noticed there is a gap in expectation from PS5 viewing as to the gameplay you get on PS4. Understandable though.

My first thought playing PS4 though is that it does feel like a big upgrade from Fifa 20. However after playing 20+ games I feel like this is because I skipped 21. I reckon had I not skipped 21 then 22 would feel more like the same rather than a noticeable upgrade.

The removal of fitness, coaches and attribute cards (did it happen in 21?) is a good thing. But the addition of all these tifos, nicknames, flags etc you get instead negates that. It just feels like they wanted packs still full of trash.

Preview packs are very pleasing to see. The fact I can see what im getting if it’s a mixed bag is a good thing and EA have done well to add it. I would however suggest reducing the preview pack numbers from 1-a-day to perhaps 1-an-hour as 1-a-day doesn’t give it as much meaning or help as it could be. I would also roll these out to all packs at least that you don’t have a guarantee of getting x gold player cards for instance.

Things like pyrotechnics, customization of stadiums, goal songs though are a really good addition. It might sound strange but I really do like these nice touches which make the game more varied and enjoyable when a goal is scored.

Difficulty has certainly changed. Every difficulty from semi-pro upwards now feels a notch above what it was on 20. Battling a bronze team on world class now feels an actual challenge. I guess it makes things more interesting when you have a decent team, but at the start these games can be quite frustrating but I am getting used to watching bronze strikers score worldlies against me.

So after all that, my conclusion is pretty much still what I expected. If you buy the game every year you’re probably not really getting anything noticeably different or upgraded. If you choose to take a year out from playing you might actually notice a difference and may make the game more enjoyable.
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